Imayoshi Shouten

Imayoshi Shouten

Imayoshi Shoten, founded in Meiji 30 (1897), manufactures Igusa (Rush grass) products in Nishi-Achi district, Kurashiki City.

In the production area as the birthplace of Tatami or Tatami Mattress (Hana Goza), there were about 200 manufacturing companies in the Nishi-Achi area, which were finely divided into manufacturing areas such as Igusa (Rush grass)'s cultivation, dyeing, and textile repair and parts, but it decreased rapidly and now there is one dyeshop.There were only a few engineers in the loom.

At Imayoshi Shoten, we learned the techniques of the craftsmen who are division of labor as the creator decreases, and we want to somehow leave the technology behind kurashiki's Igusa (Rush grass) products, so that we can do it ourselves. We consistently do everything we can, such as fixing the parts of the loom with Mr. Imayoshi's own hands.

Masayuki Imayoshi, the fourth generation, continues to make Tatami or Tatami Mattress (Hana Goza) in a process similar to the beginning of meiji era, and has maintained traditional techniques that have lasted for more than 100 years.

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