Glass Chopsticks

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It is a rare glass chopsticks in the average bamboo and wood material is common. The spiral design, which is finely twisted, reflects light and shines beautifully. Because it is a long size, it is perfect for chopsticks to separate the dishes in a large bowl. Of course, it goes well with glass wares, but even if used with other ingredients such as wood and pottery, it will bring out the bowls and dishes. (Details) Place of origin: Tokyo, Japan Dimensions:  9.84 in Material: Glass *Please check before placing your order. There is no problem with the quality though there is a slight variation in the shape, the color, the dimension, etc. in the manufacturing method of the product, and small bubbles etc. are mixed inevitably. Please understand in advance. *How to care ●After starting and using, wash the soft sponge (sponge with handle) with a neutral detergent. Using abrasive sponges, metal strainers, cleansers, etc. that may damage the glass may cause damage. ●It may crack due to sudden temperature changes (especially quenching). Do not place cold objects on warm glass or in wet places. ● If the glass is damaged, it will be damaged. Please treat it so as not to collide with the glass or the hard one. ●It cannot be used in microwave ovens, ovens, direct fire, dishwashers, etc.

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