10oz Old /Rock Glass

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This series is named after the "Aoi" which is a generic term for fabrics that intersect diagonally. It is characterized by a beautiful kiriko that makes use of the traditional skills of skilled craftsmen in downtown Tokyo. With a large mouthful and a rock glass, the 10-on-stand-blur, which is easy to use as a rock glass, shows a variety of expressions depending on the angle of drink and light, and the beauty of the glass is maximized.

Place of origin Tokyo, Japan
Dimensions Dimensions: W3.6 X H3.5 in 10oz
Material Glass

*Please check before placing your order.
There is no problem with the quality though there is a slight variation in the shape, the color, the dimension, etc. in the manufacturing method of the product, and small bubbles etc. are mixed inevitably. Please understand in advance.

*How to care
●After starting and using, wash the soft sponge (sponge with handle) with a neutral detergent. Using abrasive sponges, metal strainers, cleansers, etc. that may damage the glass may cause damage.
●It may crack due to sudden temperature changes (especially quenching). Do not place cold objects on warm glass or in wet places.
● If the glass is damaged, it will be damaged. Please treat it so as not to collide with the glass or the hard one.
●It cannot be used in microwave ovens, ovens, direct fire, dishwashers, etc."

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