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5shaku Kimasu / Longevity / Good luck

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In order for everyone to enjoy the mini-Kagami-biraki set, which is a desktop-sized "Kagami-biraki" that is indispensable for weddings and celebrations, we have prepared a single item of 5shaku Kimasu.
It can be used as an item to liven up a toast, such as a celebration with family and friends, an event at a company, etc. Anyone can enjoy it by adding sweets and juice as well as alcohol.

Place of origin Hyogo, Japan
Dimensions 6.3 cm x 6.3 cm x 4.4 cm (inner dimensions: approx. W49 x D49 x H36 mm)
Weight 45g
Capacity 90 ml
Material Wooden


・ The dishwasher cannot be used.
・ Since cypress has low water resistance as a container for liquids, it may leak if it is filled with liquid for a long time.
・ When using with beverages, the wood may expand and the boxes may not overlap. Please note.
・ If reused, it may leak due to expansion and contraction of the tree.

■Care after use
After delivery, you can use it as it is without washing it.