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ALART is a brand that was created in a factory founded in 1947, starting a new search. The concept is a unique idea that is not a fixed concept, a design that enhances the creativity of the user, and creative manufacturing. A vase with the motif of the Edo Komon / Saaya pattern and the square connecting pattern. Feel free to play various flowers in the old-fashioned pattern.


Place of origin Tochigi, Japan
Dimensions 210 X 65 X H250 mm
Weight -
Capacity -
Material Aluminum / glass

About aluminum products
・ If the surface gets wet or dirty, wipe it clean. If you leave it wet, white lumps may appear on the surface, but it is harmless.
-Although the protrusions on the outside of the product have been treated, please be careful when handling.
・ Do not use metal scrubbing brushes, scouring powder, etc. as they will scratch the surface of the product.

About glass products
-Since it is a handmade product, it may contain air bubbles or streaks, but there is no problem with its strength.
・ Avoid sudden temperature changes as they may crack.
・ Depending on the cutting situation, the finish of the fore edge may not be uniform, but please note that it will be inserted inside.

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