Giyaman Plate 9.5in


Giyamanl"" is a popular product originally produced by Kaneko Kohyo. Its expresses transparent glaze and profoundly felt brilliance with the earthenware. The elegant design which images chrysanthemum flower rouses elegancy of any cuisine and its materials. This larger plate is appropriate size for serving main side dishes.

Place of origin Gifu, Japan
Dimensions φ240*H30mm
Material Porcelain

・Do not use microwave oven for long time because it may cause the fracture but do only for warming it.
・Dish washer and dryer can be used.
・Do not use oven.

*Depending on the shooting environment / display etc., it may differ slightly from the actual color.
*All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy the differeice of each product.

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