Wooden Tray / Shippo Yabane / S

SKU t003hf0010f

Free tray of delicate impression that can be used for various applications; It is a square tray of the seven treasure hand feather which is one of the traditional patterns. It is considered one of the most complex of marquetry at Tsuyuki Wooden Craft Factory. The design which gives a delicate impression by the retro modern color use. It is recommended as an accent of the interior as a free tray not to mention using it as a tray.

Place of origin Kanagawa, Japan
Dimensions W10.0 X D10.0
Weight g
Capacity ox
Material Natural Wood


Precautions; *Because the arrangement of the pattern is different one by one, there is an individual difference. Thank you for your understanding. *Please avoid direct sunlight or places where the air conditioning directly hits the wind.

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