Become more familiar with Japan’s craftsmanship and passing on to the future.

Since 2009, Real Japan Store has been making traditional handcrafts, and our online store is a gathering of craftsmen from all over Japan.
We value high quality above mass production and passing on traditions to the future instead of following temporary trends.
It is based on these beliefs that we carefully select our products.

It is our wish for you to come across beautiful Japanese handcrafts that will enrich your life.

We will keep on introducing you to beautiful products carefully selected from all over Japan.

Furthermore, we will share with you our specially selected items that we discovered by traveling around various places in Japan ourselves.
We hope you get a taste of the splendor and excitement of Japan’s craftsmanship.


 Our Features

・Every product is made with the wholehearted efforts of Japanese craftsmen.

・Our products are handmade by craftsmen in Japan.

・Our products are selected with special attention.

・We handle many unique handmade products and one-of-a-kind items that cannot be found on leading EC retailer websites.

・Tasteful especially because they are handmade.

・Our products consist mainly of refined work by craftsmen instead of items of mass production.

・The longer you use it, the more tasteful it becomes. We will enrich your life with our products.