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REALJAPANPROJECT is a project to support branding of Japanese “Monozukuri” (manufacturing) and regional industries.

Based on concept “Let Japanese Monozukuri (Manufacturing) be more familiar”, we started the project since 2009. Since then, we have got ourselves down on the sites of Japanese Monozukuri actually and taken on support for designing business strategies and sales strategies as well as merchandises development and sales promotion in collaborations with clients.
Most important point we are enhancing for branding is the promotion to the actual consumers. The brandings which can fully meet today’s needs by reviewing their histories and backgrounds inherited until today, let their traditions and legacies to be inherited further generations more than 100 years later.
Japan traditional crafts store|REAL JAPAN PROJECT
Traditional Japanese Monozukuri (manufacturing) inherited until today has been born and fostered in various conditions including climates, resources and historical incidents or respective local areas.
We are sure that any things or tools must have been made out taking user-oriented manufacturing into account prior to anything else. That’s why, they have been inherited until today beyond hundreds of years.
Now Japanese Monozukuri is being reevaluated, and time is right for us to hand down backgrounds of the Monozukuri firmly to “Let Japanese Monozukuri (Manufacturing) be more familiar” and lead it to future.

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