Iron kettle of

Iron kettle of "KUKAN CHUZOU", Life enjoying Nambu ironware.

I visited "KUKAN CHUZOU" who manufactures iron kettles in Mizusawa, Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture!

Many people may think of Morioka when it comes to Nambu ironware, but the casting industry was more active in Mizusawa, Oshu city than before. There are still about 50 factories around "KUKAN CHUZOU", and by the time I arrived, I was overwhelmed by the strong smell of casting.

In the past, they were rivals due to differences in domains, but now Nambu ironware is transmitted from two areas, Morioka and Mizusawa. It is feared that Mizusawa will become less and less popular 10 years from now due to the succession issue.


This workshop, which produces the Nambu ironware that represents Mizusawa, has proposed beautiful iron kettles that blend into modern life. Iwashimizu is a representative person who is particular about the texture and color of iron and values the manufacturing process one by one.

At first glance, the clean, unadorned design may seem inorganic, but it draws out the natural appeal of the material that emerges from the process of making an iron kettle and expresses "iron-ness".

This time, we received an iron kettle and a teapot from this workshop.


When it comes to iron kettles, I hear people say that iron is difficult to handle because of rust.

Please keep in mind "Discard the remaining hot water. Don't leave it wet." after use.

Living with an iron kettle that changes over time makes "using in a manner that fosters" fun!

Also, once you start using an iron kettle, there are many attractions that you can't take your hands off.

1.Nambu ironware is rich in iron that is easy to be absorbed into the body, so you can take iron necessary for life!

2.The more you use it, the more a film of hot water is made inside the iron kettle and absorbs sodium and chlorine, so the tap water becomes magically delicious!

3.The hot water boiled in an iron kettle is in the physical condition.
When it's bad, it penetrates your body gently! (A craftsman Iwashimizu taught me.)

When it gets cold in the morning and evening, it's the season to drink hot tea.

In addition to the iron kettle, teacups have also arrived.

You can choose from 4 colors, black, brown, red and green bamboo.

With the iron kettles of Nambu ironware, full of the casting technology and the passion of the craftsman Mr. Iwashimizu from Mizusawa, Iwate Prefecture, which has a history of over 1000 years, let's prepare for the winter.




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