Beautiful woodworking technology!

Beautiful woodworking technology!

Do you know woodworking (woodturning) technology?

There is a genre of woodworking that makes a shaving work by applying a knife to wood rotated at high speed. A woodworking lathe is a machine that rotates wood for "wood turning". The mechanism is the same as the "potter's wheel" used in ceramic art.

With a woodworking lathe, you can make round objects (plates, bowls, vases, pens, etc.) that are different from the desks and chests that you usually think of when you say "woodworking".

MokuNeji's products use this woodworking wheel technique!


MokuNeji Pasta case is a pasta storage case with a splendid contrast of glass and the grain of wood.

If you are interested in Mokuneji, please visit Mokuneji's page!


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