Cook's favorite grater !

Cook's favorite grater !

Have you ever used a copper grater?

The copper grater is a hard pure copper plate plated with tin, and a craftsman carefully raises the blade at a glance using a tool called a chisel and a mallet. 
This manufacturing method has been passed down for about 300 years. 
Why is copper grater still being chosen today?
The flavor stands out
The blade made by the craftsman does not crush the cells of the radish and the water and fibers do not separate, so you can grate the radish with plenty of water even after a while. It has a mellow taste, does not spoil the flavor, and is ideal for spices such as wasabi and ginger.
Easy to grate
At first glance, the blades raised by the craftsmen seem to be neatly aligned, but in reality, the spacing and height are slightly uneven.
Therefore, every time you grate it, various surfaces hit it, and you can grate it smoothly with a light force without changing the direction of the radish many times.
Antibacterial effect
In addition to its durability, copper has an antibacterial effect and is the best material for cooking utensils, so it is still favored by professionals.
Why not enjoy a professional taste with a copper grater?
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