Do you know KOMODARU?

Do you know KOMODARU?

Komodaru is a wooden barrel designed to transport sake during the Edo period. The taru(wooden barrel part) is wrapped with a straw mat or komo, and then tied with rope.

The komo is often used as a “label” of sorts to distinguish between various brands of sake. While komodaru still store sake, most are used as a decorative piece in Japanese restaurants and bars to showcase the brands they offer at their establishment.
Komodaru are also used for celebrations in Japan, such as for weddings. Kagamibiraki, is a tradition when the lid of the barrel (called kagami) is opened with the tap of a mallet. After the komodaru is opened, a toast is made to wish happiness and success for the newlyweds.

Today Kishimoto Kichiji Shouten continues to manufacture komodaru just as in ancient Japan; each barrel is hand-made to perfection. These komodaru customs and traditions have been passed down from generation to generation for over 400 years.
There are only a few companies manufacturing ‘komodaru’ in the world currently. Kishimoto Kichiji Syouten has been making not only ‘komodaru’ but also smaller and various version of ‘komodaru’ (mini kagamibiraki set and other gift items)!


Mini Kagamibiraki Set / Sakura-Mori  (720ml)

$68.36 USD


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