Effect of rush

Effect of rush

A lush, refreshing scent and a silky texture...

In fact, rush has various effects.


The scent of rush has a "healing" effect, and rush has formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide etc.
It has the effect of adsorbing substances that are harmful to the body and purifying the air.

■ Humidity adjustment function
Rush has the function of keeping the humidity of the room constant as well as heat insulation.

■ Air purifying action
Rush also has the property of adsorbing nitrogen dioxide, which is one of the causes of acid rain and asthma.

■ Diuretic effect
It is good for kidney disease and is said to cure nocturnal enuresis in children, and is used as a diuretic that promotes urine production and increases urine volume.

■ Aroma effect
The lush and refreshing unique scent of rush relaxes people and soothes their hearts.
The scent of rush is said to have a forest bathing effect, and the air purifying effect of rush is added, and it is thought that it has a relaxation effect.

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