Japanese paper made of NEW material 

Japanese paper made of NEW material 

Washi is Japanese traditional paper.

The general features of "Washi" is
・Fibers are much longer than Western paper
・Tough even if it is thin, relatively long life
・Unique texture.
※However, depending on the type and application, it cannot be unequivocally stated.

Compared to "Western paper" produced from wood pulp raw materials, the price is high due to the limited raw materials and low productivity.

SIWA is a series of Japanese paper brands announced in collaboration with product designer Naoto Fukasawa, using a new material developed by Dainao Co., Ltd. for "unbreakable *shoji paper".
With a simple design and color, it cancels out the folk art image of Japanese paper and proposes a new shape of paper.
Naoron is a new material made by mixing pulp, which is the raw material of paper, and polyolefin fiber, and using the Japanese paper manufacturing method.

It is a very strong paper, and it is 5 times stronger than ordinary shoji paper.
It clears a load capacity test of 10 kg and It is a new material that overturns the common sense of paper that it does not generate toxic gas even when burned, and its strength increases further when it is wet!

You can enjoy with SIWA's Items even on rainy days!


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*Shoji is a wooden frame with paper, mainly Japanese paper, attached to the wooden frame so that the light can pass through in the current Japanese-style architecture.

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