"live with a tree." Woodpecker Fukui's Manufacturing

Woodpecker manufactures products based on the concept of "live with a tree." with the aim of making the most of the unique characteristics of wood.


Some trees are moist and soft, while others are heavy and hard. While valuing the individuality of these trees, he carefully examines how products should be used and how they should be processed to create them. 

That's why woodpecker's products are so warm as if trees are breathing naturally, and they breathe a gentle breeze into our lives.

Fukui, a craftsman for woodpecker was born into a family of woodturners in Gifu, a land full of wood industries, that has continued for generations since his grandfather's time. From an early age, he grew up surrounded by trees, learned woodwork himself, and trained under his father, a furniture maker. One day, he started woodpecker after creating "the cutting board of a ginkgo tree" for his wife.


Every product has a soft and gentle form, which is not only unique to handmade products but also because it is filled with the warmth of Fukui's heart.



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