Making cutlery to meet the needs and scenes of the times

Making cutlery to meet the needs and scenes of the times "Shizu Hamono

shizu hamono

Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, which was once called the "Capital of blades" and is attracting attention as one of the world's top three cutlery producing areas, "Shizu Hamono Factory" is located there.

The Three Major Blade Product Areas are Solingen, Germany; Sheffield, England; and Seki, Japan. Along with Europe, Japanese technology is recognized worldwide.

The history of blades making here began about 800 years ago in the Kamakura period.

The good quality of the scorched clay, the pine charcoal used for the furnace, and the clean water of Nagara River which is known as one of the Kiso Sansui. Many swordsmiths gathered in this area blessed with natural resources that are essential for sword making.

shizu hamono

Shizu Hamono Factory was established in this cutlery town, Seki City, and continues to produce "charm" cutlery to meet the needs of today while inheriting this long tradition and the skills of swordsmiths.

With open kitchens becoming the mainstream, kitchen knives and knives are no longer just for storage. People who use it and the scenes they use change with the times. 

Needless to say, the knife cuts well and is easy to use. A kitchen knife needs to be stylish and attractive. This is why we value the viewpoints and voices of users and constantly infuse new ideas into our products. 

shizu hamono 

The knives and knives made by first-class cutlery craftsmen are just as brightness like a sword and outstanding sharpness. This is a knife that many people who love cooking want to use at least once. 



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