【Tools of the season】 Healthy Japanese Tools

【Tools of the season】 Healthy Japanese Tools "iron kettle"|REAL JAPAN PROJECT

Traditional Japanese tools are convenient tools that can be used in daily life even today with only one care and usage.
The iron kettle of Nambu ironware naturally takes iron when you boil water, and the iron component absorbs sodium and calcium and removes them from the water, so it makes the tap water milder.

Nambu ironware is attracting attention these days. After World War II, demand for Nambu ironware decreased due to the pressure from aluminum products such as kettles, teapots, frying pans, pots, etc., but in recent years, Nambu ironware has become familiar as daily cooking utensils. As a cooking method, iron can be extracted by boiling water and it is said to be good for the body, and it is widely used in pots and broiled dishes because it cooks well.

The space-casted iron kettles that are making iron kettles in Mizusawa, Iwate Prefecture, have a clean design with few decorations. The natural material itself is attractive because you can feel the color, expression and texture of the iron skin. In Mizusawa, where many household goods were originally made, they are made by the technique called Namagata which can make many. "raw form" is made by giving the sand a proper amount of water and pressing it into a mold. When I was a child, I used to make a castle in a sandbox or make dango, but in the same way, I add water and solidify it.
The iron kettle which was carefully made by paying attention to the texture and color of the iron, should I express it as charcoal black which is different from pure black? The indescribable black looks warm.

The hot water boiled in the iron kettle of Nambu ironware which is gentle to the body is very delicious, so it is good to drink the hot water for daily health management and health. If you are a little worried about how to take care of it, you don't have to worry.

After boiling, let's drain the hot water while it's still hot. Dry it with the remaining heat. Please leave the scale as it is. This is the secret to making delicious hot water. It's a waste to rub and wash! Do not burn it without water or cool it suddenly. If you follow this rule, the more you use it, the better the kettle will be.

It may take more time than electric appliances, but I think I can spend time feeling the time, the taste and the season by introducing traditional Japanese tools into my life.


Why don't you try Nambu ironware iron kettles in your life?

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