The charm of the copper pot

The charm of the copper pot


Do you know the characteristics of copper pots?

They have two major features.

- Thermal conductivity

- Heat retention

Today, we introduce the copper pot brand that professionals also love.


Nakamura Copperware

“Well-established traditional workshop which is celebrating 80 year anniversary since its foundation in Tokyo”
Based on the principle that “Hope to understand quality of copper to be the basic material”, we put out and produce products which are in variety including baked egg casserole, crock pot for chicken and egg, stew pan, pot of chicken, seafood and vegetables and Tempura pot made of copper and aluminum one by one carefully. Copper pots Nakamura Copperware provides are good at heat retaining property as well as high thermal conductivity so that they can be so much evaluated and used by professional cooks working in first-class Japanese restaurants and sushi restaurants all over the nation.Tin pull that is hard to peel off and lasts a long time

Tin pull that is hard to peel off and lasts a long time!


 Please use it for a long time as a tool for a lifetime.


Nakamura Copperware


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