The reason why "Woodpecker"'s natural cutting boards are so comfortable

The reason why "Woodpecker"'s natural cutting boards are so comfortable

"Woodpecker" produces a products mainly cutting boards, and those are designed to make the most of each wood's character, and its brand concept is "living with the wood."

Some of woods are feels soft and smooth, and others are hard with solid feeling.
While cherishing the individuality of such wood, they carefully examine about how it should be processed.

That's why Woodpecker's products give warmth of natural material in your life.

Mr. Fukui, who is a woodpecker craftsman, lives in Gifu prefecture which is famous with woodworking industory.

He grew up surrounded by trees from an early age, learned woodworking himself and trained under the father of a furniture maker.

One day, he made "Cutting board" made of Ginkgo tree for his wife.
And then, this experience made him establish a brand "Woodpecker".

Every product made by Mr.Fukui has the warm and tender form.
That is because not only these are just a handmade products, but he made with caring about all people who use this.

Woodpecker :

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