Uchiwa trivia

Uchiwa trivia


The temperature has gradually risen and it's becoming more like summer...

Today, we would like to introduce Uchiwa, one of the traditional Japanese crafts.

UCHIWA : Tool that creates a breeze by attaching a handle to a thin and flat object. Bamboo is the bone, and the round shape with paper is usually used.

Uchiwa has the same purpose as a folding fan but there is a difference.

Uchiwa was brought from mainland China during the Asuka period, and its prototype was born in Japan during the Heian period. Folding fans are said to have been improved in Japan to make it easier to carry the uchiwa that was introduced from China to Japan.

Folding fans developed in Japan have become widespread in Europe, and peacock feathers and luxuriously decorated folding fans made of lace and silk have come to be made. Especially in Paris in the 17th century, it is said that it was so popular that there were 150 folding fan shops!

Nowadays, it is popular not only as a cool tool but also for appreciation and promotion, and it is very practical.

Let's enjoy summer with Japanese Uchiwa!! ▼






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