What is Shigaraki ware?

What is Shigaraki ware?


Shigaraki ware is a pottery made around Shigaraki Town, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture. Since clay and raw materials are mixed and kneaded with pottery soil, it is possible to make thick and thick pottery or large pottery.

The characteristic of Shigaraki ware is that it uses coarse soil and has high fire resistance. Depending on the firing process, it develops a pink or faint red color, producing a reddish-brown fire color (scarlet).

Shigaraki ware has a slow heat conduction and a large surface area, so once it is warmed up, it does not cool easily and is ideal for pots. It can be used on a direct fire or in a microwave oven, so it will be warm after cooking.

This is Ahijo pot of Shigaraki ware.

You can use it on a direct fire or in a microwave oven!


 Hangout / Grill Pot 4.7in

 It is a perfect product for the coming season :)

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