What is Yosegi zaiku?

What is Yosegi zaiku?

Yosegi zaiku = Parquet is a woodworking technique that combines various types of wood and draws patterns using the differences in each shade.

In Japan, it is famous as a traditional craft in Hakone Town, Kanagawa Prefecture, and is said to have a history of about 200 years.

Parquet work was originally a technology developed in Shizuoka. In the Edo period, a person named Hitoe Ishikawa brought this technique back to Hakone, focused on the mountains of Hakone, which has a wide variety of trees, and made trays and boxes by combining various trees of different colors and grain.

Recently, in addition to parquet case, accessories have been made, and it is one of the traditional crafts loved by many people.


There are many charms of parquet, but the most attractive point is that you can feel the warmth of wood! It is said to have the property of preventing the growth of water and germs because it is a strong material and resistant to humidity.

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