Kai Nobuo Workshop

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Kai Nobuo Workshop
Kai Nobuo Workshop situated in Yufuin City of Oita Prefecture, is a workshop that makes cutlery from natural materials. Their spoons, forks and knives made from bamboo and wood have a soft, warm feeling and fits well inside your hand. Not only are the wooden and bamboo spoons and forks stylish, but they also have a light and pleasant feel to the lips.

You also do not have to worry about the cutlery scratching tableware such as when you accidently hit them against each other.

Even if you drop the cutlery on the floor, they will not make an abrasive sound. Kai Nobuo Workshop devotes special attention when selecting the materials; Moso bamboo of Oita Prefecture is used for bamboo, and Japanese cherry birch of Shimane Prefecture is used for wood.

Whether they are small size cutleries or custom-made cutleries, the items are filled with craftsmanship, and the wish for people to enjoy their meals while using the products.

Kai Nobuo Workshop makes use of the characteristics of natural materials to create each item with special care so that they are both useful and great in design.