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Bizen Ware / Cup&Saucer

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Vessels of Bizen Yaki whose appearances look quiet and calm may highlight main scenes and meals.
It is recommended for mineral water and evening drink in your daily life as well as dinner and tea time on special occasion.
Bizen Yaki has several pores inside. Air is accumulated in these pores to exert effect of heat retention.
That’s why it is optimum for hot coffee and hot tea. It is offered with a set of the cup and saucer so you can enjoy the coordination between them upon placement of tea snacks on the saucer as you like.

This is Wooden spatula sets.

Place of origin Okayama, Japan
Dimensions Cup/ φ7.5× H700×W100mm(Including handle)
Saucer/ φ15×H180mm
Material Pottery

■ Caution
Soak it in tepid water and wash it out lightly for the first use.
Do not use microwave oven. Be careful not to vary the temperature steeply. Do neither pour boiled water suddenly nor put it in fire directly.
Note that the surface may be rough sometime because it is made without glaze.
Note that the patterns are different per the each products.
Smell of cooking and oil spot are hard to be remained if the dish is used after soaking it in water sufficiently to get moisture.

■ Care after use
Wash it out upon soak of it in water as soon as possible after the use No problem to wash it out by common neutral detergent. Store it after washing and fully drying it.
Be careful for handling fully because it may be cracked with shock. In particular, thin parts such as the edges are likely to be chipped.
Be careful for the edge if it is chipped because it may be sharpened.

*Depending on the shooting environment / display etc., it may differ slightly from the actual color.
*All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy the differeice of each product.