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The frame is Marquetry. The koyosegi pattern which takes advantage of the color of the natural tree as it is becomes a picture only by putting it as an interior, and it is able to decorate it wonderfully in the living room, the entrance, and wherever It puts it. It is also recommended to make it a display frame of the memories and to send it to the birthday of the important person, such as a message card and a photograph of the memories. You can use it in either horizontal or vertical. *There is no hook for wall hangings because it may cause scratches. Do not use the dishwasher. We recommend hand washing.

Place of origin Kanagawa, Japan
Dimensions W6.0 X D7.6 X H0.4 in
Weight 50g
Material Natural Wood

 Precautions; *Because the arrangement of the pattern is different one by one, there is an individual difference. Thank you for your understanding. *Please avoid direct sunlight or places where the air conditioning directly hits the wind.


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