Egg Shell TOKKURI (Sake Pitcher)

SKU 0060Y038-002

The eggshell sake bottle is a liquor container made of sheer porcelain with a thickness of only 1mm. It is light, and a gentle touch that is soft like a cocoon is a vessel of the charm. The simple shape that eliminates useless design, arita ware unique whiteness brings out even more. Because it is thin, it is not suitable for hot sake. It is the design which goes well with the chilled sake which was crispy. Together with the GUINOMI, how about a gift for those who like alcohol?

※Precautions for use

This product is a product that stuck to the thinness made by an original manufacturing method by handiwork.

・Therefore, there is a slight variation in the design and size.

・Because it is a product that is particular about thinness, there is a possibility of burning if I put a hot thing. Please avoid using hot things.

・If there are scratches or cracks, discontinue use. Do not add strong force. This may cause damage.

・Please be careful not to get hurt after handling it carefully when cleaning and using.

・Please use a neutral detergent when cleaning.

・Do not use metal tawasi, abrasive tawasi, cleanser, etc. because it may cause scratches. Do not use the dishwasher. We recommend hand washing.

Place of origin Saga, Japan
Dimensions W2.2 X D2.2 X H5.5 in
Capacity 8.1oz
Material Porcelain



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