Oval Wood Lunch Box / M (Shallow Lid)

by Tamaki
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Hakata Magemono is a wooden craft made by cutting cedar and cypress boards, bending them with heat, and binding them with the cherry peel. This craft is made by Tamaki Shibata, the 18th generation, who became a female craftsman to protect the family business that has lasted for over 400 years.
It is very light and breathable and can be used for decades depending on your care.

This is an oval bento box with excellent breathability, gentle bark, and delicious rice and side dishes. The medium size with a shallow lid is recommended for women and children.

※Precautions for use

・If left wet for a long time, it may cause mold.
When washing with water, make sure it is sufficiently dry and dry in a well-ventilated place in the shade.

・Be careful when using metal scrubbing, as the surface of the wood may be shaved.

・Do not use bleach or baking soda.

・If there are scratches or cracks, discontinue use. Do not add strong force. This may cause damage.

・Avoid storing in direct sunlight or near a fire.

Micorowave: not available
Dishwasher and dryer: not available 

Place of origin  Fukuoka, Japan
Dimensions W7.0 X D4.3 X 1.7 in
Weight 30g
Capacity -
Material Cedar (non‐coating)



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