6.5 inch Plate / Arabesque-1

SKU 0139S018

The deep plate is perfect for serving side dishes for one person and is a round plate that is easy to use for various purposes.

Arrange the octopus arabesque pattern, which has been popular since the Edo period, by hand-crafted craftsmen of Souta Kilns.

The patterns carefully drawn convey the warmth that is unique to handmade, while being gorgeous and beautiful. It is deep enough and easy to use for any foods.

Place of origin Saga, Japan
Dimensions Dimensions: W6.6XL6.6XH1.2 in
Material Porcelain

*Please check before placing your order.
Each hand-painted product has different shades and line thicknesses.

*How to care
●Wash with a neutral detergent and a soft sponge. Do not wash with a hard sponge or strongly scrub.
●Basically, it is dishwasher safe product, but be careful not to hit other dishes, especially thin dishes.
● Please note that color paintings and gold paintings may lose color if washed heavily.

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