ALART / Flower play / SML set

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ALART is a brand that was created in a factory founded in 1947, starting a new search. With the concept of a unique idea that is not a fixed concept, a design that enhances the creativity of the user, and creative manufacturing, the flower play can freely change the shape of the ring and easily grow flowers.


Place of origin Tochigi, Japan
Dimensions S: 115 X 95 X 35mm
M: 150 X125 X 45mm
L: 215 X 175 X 70mm
Weight S: 40g
M: 85g
L: 150g
Capacity -
Material Aluminum

1. Lightly hold both ends of the ring.
2. Bend it along the width of your finger. You can bend it freely, but I try to bend it inward by applying force to my fingertips.
3. Ideal if you place it on a flat surface and the ring stands firmly at several points.
4. Each time you make it, the shape is different. It takes a little courage to bend, but please take the plunge and enjoy yourself.
5. Set the ring on the tray and let the flowers grow.


About aluminum products
・ If the surface gets wet or dirty, wipe it clean. If you leave it wet, white lumps may appear on the surface, but it is harmless.
-Although the protrusions on the outside of the product have been treated, please be careful when handling.
・ Do not use metal scrubbing brushes, scouring powder, etc. as they will scratch the surface of the product.

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