ALART / Flower base / MUSUBI-1 / tea

SKU 0025R023

This MUSUBI has a smooth curve like a soft string that emphasizes the beauty of a single flower. It is a flower base that transforms any flower into art with a beautiful shape like never before. Just insert the attached test tube into the knot and let the flowers grow. In addition, the test tube is removable, so it is easy to clean. It is a beautiful item as an object. You can choose the color from aluminum and dark brown.


Place of origin Tochigi, Japan
Dimensions 200 X 80 X H105mm
Weight 70g
Capacity -
Material Aluminum / glass

About aluminum products
・ If the surface gets wet or dirty, wipe it clean. If you leave it wet, white lumps may appear on the surface, but it is harmless.
-Although the protrusions on the outside of the product have been treated, please be careful when handling.
・ Do not use metal scrubbing brushes, scouring powder, etc. as they will scratch the surface of the product.

About glass products
-Since it is a handmade product, it may contain air bubbles or streaks, but there is no problem with its strength.
・ Avoid sudden temperature changes as they may crack.
・ Depending on the cutting situation, the finish of the fore edge may not be uniform, but please note that it will be inserted inside.

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