Chopsticks with flowers for adults / medium

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Since its founding in 1974, Ouchi Kogei has been manufacturing bamboo tableware, mainly chopsticks, in the Hita region of Oita prefecture. The bamboo used as the material is the thickest type of high-quality Moso bamboo that has grown in the surrounding bamboo grove. It is kind to the natural environment, and the more you use it, the more it tastes.
These are easy-to-use chopsticks that have a round handle, are processed into a square shape from the middle, and have a rounded tip. Each flower pattern is handmade.
Three sizes are available for adults and children.

Place of origin Oita, Japan
Dimensions Approximately 21.5 cm
Diameter: Approximately 2 mm at the tip
Chopstick head about 8mm
Weight 10g
Material Moso bamboo
(Polyurethane resin paint finish)


As each item is handmade, there are individual differences in the design. Please note.


・ Avoid leaving it in water for a long time.
・ For cleaning after use, it is recommended to use a sponge or a soft material and wash by hand.
・ Washing with a dishwasher may cause deformation and discoloration, which may shorten the period of patronage.


*Depending on the shooting environment / display etc., it may differ slightly from the actual color.
*All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy the differeice of each product.

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