Copper Grater / 6.2in / Single Side

SKU 0095R002

Oya Seisakusho's pure Copper Grater is soft, soft and flavorful and light. It is a slightly larger size only for radish only on one side processing. I love radish grated, and the size of this place is recommended for the person who wants to take down the radish drastically. It is easy to do when putting it down while standing diagonally on the bat when unloading it.
Please try the grated comfort and grated rise for radish by all means.


  • Because the blade is made very sharply, please be careful to handle it so as not to injure the finger etc.
  • Because there is weight and it is a hard material, please be careful when carrying it.
  • Please wash it once with the detergent for washing.
  • Copper Grater for vegetables and fruits. Please do not use it for hard things such as frozen goods, bones, and cheese.
  • Due to the characteristics of the ingredients, discoloration due to surface oxidation can be seen after use, but there are no hygiene problems.
  • Do not put it near the fire.

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