Copper Grater / Box Type

SKU 0095R004

Copper Grater for box-shaped radish with saucer. Inside the saucer, there is a removable net. It is the simplicity that can be put out to the table as a box.
It is copper Grater of the functionality valuing with a sense of stability that the hole of the board was designed greatly so that the grated ingredient swells easily in the box.


  • Because the blade is made very sharply, please be careful to handle it so as not to injure the finger etc.
  • Because there is weight and it is a hard material, please be careful when carrying it.
  • Please wash it once with the detergent for washing.
  • Copper Grater for vegetables and fruits. Please do not use it for hard things such as frozen goods, bones, and cheese.
  • Due to the characteristics of the ingredients, discoloration due to surface oxidation can be seen after use, but there are no hygiene problems.
  • Do not put it near the fire.

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