Load image into Gallery viewer, Copper Pans 13cm long
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Copper Pans 13cm long

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Copper Pans 13cm long

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Copper Pans of Nakamura Copperware, which has got patronage from professional cooks all over the nation. Copper as the material is good at thermal conductivity and heat retaining property so that heat can be conducted to whole parts of the pans evenly to let the cooked foods finished puffily and their inside moistly.

Don’t have any necessity to feel some troubles in the usage because of the word “Patronage by professional E The affirmed tool can help your skill for cooking so as to realize good finishing naturally. Copper pans, the more you use them, the more they can be friendly for your handling. We wish you would keep on using them as tools which would last your lifetime.

Place of origin Tokyo, Japan
Dimensions Pan / W13cm ÁEL18cm
Entire handle / 17cm
Wood handle / 11cm
Weight 680g
Material Pan / Copper
Handle / Wood


■ Attention before you use
Water heating : Pour water for 70% to 80% into the pan and boil it after washing it.

■ Care after use
Inside : Enough only washing soil of cooking out by water. If detergent is used, use soft sponge for the washing. If the soil may be taken on your mind so much, cleanser may be used for the washing although you should take note that the original surface of the pan may be come up eventually because the surface drawn with tin is so soft and easy to be damaged. However, it is harmless if foods are touched onto the pan directly.
Outside : Wiping it with a dry cloth after washing by water. If the soil may be taken on your mind so much, cleanser may be used for the polishing. Although gloss of the pan may be restored, color of the surface may be changed on contact with air..

■ Caution
Prohibit firing without water : Never boil the pans without water. If boiling them with high flame without water, Tin drawn in the inside may be melted and hardened.
Impossible to store any foods inside the pans : If any foods may be remained in the pans for whole day and night, slight blue copper compound may be generated in surfaces of the foods. Therefore, any remained foods inside the pans should be moved to other wares for the storage. That is result of reaction copper ion is melted slightly. However, it is not any problem in the point of view sanitarily.
Non-compliant IH : Regrettably, the pans are not compliant to IH cooking.

■ Green copper rust
If green copper rust appears : If the pans are left in any moisture places, green copper rust may appear on the surfaces. Although the green copper rust was regarded as harm for long time, it has been certified as harmless as result of study by Ministry of Health and Welfare (Quoted from documents by Japan Copper Development Association). Even if the green copper rust may appear in inside of the pans as they have not been used for a while, wash it out by same way to do soils out. Then, you can use them as they are."

*Depending on the shooting environment / display etc., it may differ slightly from the actual color.
*All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy the differeice of each product.