Egg Shell Whiskey Glass Silhouette

SKU 0060R013-003

Only 1mm thick. It is an egg shell as thin and light as an egg shell born from the high technology of Arita ware and the passion of the creator.
This is the silhouette series, which adds a new expression to the popular egg shell. The natural beauty of wild flowers is a rock glass that has been moved into a transparent egg shell.

When you actually take it in your hand, there is a delicate and soft atmosphere like a shadow reflected in the shoji. With a capacity of 295cc, it is ideal for rock and water allocation of whiskey and shochu.

You can enjoy the way the ice in the rock glass shines through.

Place of origin Saga, Japan
Dimensions W3.1 X D3.1 X H3.4 in
Weight 50g
Capacity  9.9 Oz
Material Material: Porcelain


※Precautions for use
・This product is a product that stuck to the thinness made by an original manufacturing method by handiwork.
・Therefore, there is a slight variation in the design and size.
・Because it is a product that is particular about thinness, there is a possibility of burning if i put a hot thing.
Please avoid using hot things.
・If there are scratches or cracks, discontinue use. Do not add strong force.This may cause damage.
・Please be careful not to get hurt after handling it carefully when cleaning and using.
・Please use a neutral detergent when cleaning.
・Do not use metal tawasi, abrasive tawasi, cleanser, etc. because it may cause scratches. Do not use the dishwasher.We recommend hand washing.


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