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Masu, which is used for various celebrations such as New Year's and weddings, has long been loved as a lucky charm. This is because the word "masu" is considered to have meanings such as "increasing" fortune and love, "prospering more and more", and "profiting". We made auspicious Masu from wood and attached pictures of motifs that symbolize Japan such as Mt. Fuji. With an easy-to-use size of 6.5 cm square, which is about two times larger than the inoguchi, you can enjoy plenty of delicious sake. "Ukiyo-e" is an image of a famous landscape painting reminiscent of Japan, such as Mt. Fuji.

Place of origin Hyogo, Japan
Dimensions W6.3 x H4.4 cm
(Inner dimensions: approx. W49 x D49 x H36 mm)
Weight 110g
Capacity 90ml
Material  Japanese cypress


・ After use, remove the container from the main body, wash it with water, and dry it well before storing it.
・ The dishwasher cannot be used.
・ Do not leave the beverage in it for a long time. The taste and aroma may change.
・ Beverages and foods cannot be stored in this container.

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