Load image into Gallery viewer, Banno Hocho 125mm/Petty Knife
Load image into Gallery viewer, Banno Hocho 125mm/Petty Knife
Load image into Gallery viewer, Banno Hocho 125mm/Petty Knife

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Banno Hocho 125mm/Petty Knife

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This 125mm Banno Hocho Petty Knife (all-purpose petty knife) made by Hocho Kobo Tadafusa (Knife Workshop Tadafusa), is great for peeling fruit, rounding off corners of vegetables or cutting ingredients decoratively. Being small, it is suited for delicate work, or for when you want to cook without using a cutting board. With a blade length of 125mm and total length of 230mm, the knife is light and easy to use, even for those with small hands or for people who want to avoid putting stress on their hands.

Stainless steel is used for the base metal, and SLD steel (an alloy steel) is applied to the cutting edge. A “sansoukou” (three-layer structure) with steel as the core material and stainless material on both sides gives the knife excellent sharpness, hardness, and resistance to wear and rust. However, the cutting edge that touches the food is made from steel so do not keep it wet or leave it in damp places. The handle of the knife uses antibacterial carbonized wood based on natural chestnut wood, a patented technology of Takefusa. This helps remove moisture and nutrients from the wood and prevents the growth of bacterias, making it hygienic and resistant to damage. By the hands of the widely-active product designer, Fumie Shibata, the knife has a soft and subtle design that naturally blends into everyday life. Tadafusa’s all-purpose petty knife fits well inside your hands and is a product that will always come in handy. 

■Care after use
After use, wash off the dirt from the entire chord with hot water, wipe off the moisture thoroughly, and store it in a safe place.

・If you cut foods with strong salt or acidity such as pickles and lemons, wash off the dirt thoroughly.
・Do not use in dishwashers, dish dryers, microwaves, ovens, etc. Doing so may cause damage.
・As you use it every day, the cutting edge wears out, and it becomes harder and harder to cut. Sharpen with a whetstone 1 time in 3 months.

Place of origin Niigata, Japan
Dimensions length:22.8cm
Weight 50g
Capacity -
Material blade: complete three layers (steel: SLD steel/ ground metal: stainless steel), handle: antibacterial carbonized wood (chestnut)