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Bread Cutting Knife 240mm

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The Break Cutting Knife of Hobo Kobo Tadafusa (Knife Workshop Tadafusa) is a hybrid product that can be used for any type of bread. Since there are breads of various types from hard to soft, using the right knife is important to cut the bread effortlessly without squashing it. Tadafusa’s Bread Cutting Knife is highly versatile, combining a wave blade and a flat blade. You can smoothly slice through hard bread such as French baguettes by using the wave portion at the tip to cut first. For soft bread, on the other hand, you can use the flat blade all throughout for a clean cut.

Since the blade has a sharp edge, it barely leaves bread crumbs. Compared to the typical wave blade bread knife, it is possible to re-sharpen the blade so the sharpness can be maintained. The blade portion is made from special alloy which is hard to rust and there is no need to worry about getting a nick in the blade. Antibacterial carbonized wood, achieved through Tadafusa’s patented technology, is applied to the handle of the knife. This technology involves smoking the wood in a furnace and the application of this process helps prevent the growth of bacteria to keep the knife hygienic.  

■Care after use
After use, wash off the dirt from the entire chord with hot water, wipe off the moisture thoroughly, and store it in a safe place.

・If you cut foods with strong salt or acidity such as pickles and lemons, wash off the dirt thoroughly.
・Do not use in dishwashers, dish dryers, microwaves, ovens, etc. Doing so may cause damage.
・As you use it every day, the cutting edge wears out, and it becomes harder and harder to cut. Sharpen with a whetstone 1 time in 3 months.

Place of origin niigata, Japan
Dimensions length:36.5cm
Weight 125g
Capacity -
Material blade: complete three layers (steel: SLD steel/ ground metal: stainless steel), handle: antibacterial carbonized wood (chestnut)