Imayoshi Shoten / Igusa pillow cover

SKU 0105R003

A rush pillowcase that you can use with your pillow. It is a type that is tied with a string, so it is easy to use. It has the same fine eyes as sleeping. Therefore, the skin feels soft. Even if you raise the temperature of the cooler on a sleepy summer night, your sleeper will turn over and be comfortable and cool. Since the eyes are fine, it is difficult for tatami-like marks to adhere to the skin.


Place of origin Okayama, Japan

Body: Approximately 54.8 x 43.5 cm
String: Approximately 32.5 cm

Weight 150g
Material Rush


If the pillow has a strong curve with dents, it will be difficult for the rush to follow the pillow, causing the rush to break.


・ Before using for the first time, wipe both sides with a well-wrung towel before use.
-Since it is a natural material, there are rare places where the rush is broken or missing. In addition, due to individual differences, there may be some errors in color and texture.
・ Please refrain from using the product in a humid place for a long time as it may cause mites and mold.
・ Please dry in the sun for one day before storing and for daily maintenance.
-Since it easily absorbs moisture, store it in a nylon bag, etc. when storing it.
・ Be careful not to fold the rush forcibly as it will break when it bends. It's okay to roll.

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