Japanese Tea Pod (Kyusu)

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This tea pod is an easy-to-use teapot drawn with the popular patterns of Souta kiln.

This teapot with drawn petal pattern has an easy-to-use handle that is easy to pick up, a sharp pouring spout, and a stable and gentle form.

The classic petal pattern, which delicately depicts flowers such as peony and furong, which is a symbole of Souta kiln, creates an elegant atmosphere.
Place of origin Saga, Japan
Dimensions Dimensions: W6.5(handle included) X H4.3 in
Material Porcelain

*Please check before placing your order.
Each hand-painted product has different shades and line thicknesses.

*How to care
●Wash with a neutral detergent and a soft sponge. Do not wash with a hard sponge or strongly scrub.
●Basically, it is dishwasher safe product, but be careful not to hit other dishes, especially thin dishes.
● Please note that color paintings and gold paintings may lose color if washed heavily.

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