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Masryoshka is named after the Russian folk craft "Matryoshka". A set of three wooden boxes of different sizes, large, medium, and small, with a branding iron on a box made of Japanese cypress. The seven boxes are nested like matryoshka dolls and overlap exactly. It's great not only for a toast at a celebration, but also as an accessory case for accessories and sweets. We expressed each of the three times from sunrise to noon when the sun was rising and sunset.

Place of origin Hyogo, Japan
Dimensions Large / approx. 91 square x height 51 mm (inner dimensions: approx. W70 x D70 x H42 mm)
Medium / approx. 69 square x height 42 mm (inner dimensions: approx. W53 x D53 x H35 mm)
Small / approx. 52 square x height 33 mm (inner dimensions: approx. W33 x D33 x H28 mm)
Package size: 94 square x 55 mm in height
Weight 200g
Material Japanese cypress


・ After delivery, you can use it as it is without washing it.
・ The dishwasher cannot be used.
・ Since cypress has low water resistance as a container for liquids, it may leak if it is filled with liquid for a long time.
・ When using with beverages, the wood may expand and the boxes may not overlap. Please note.
・ If reused, it may leak due to expansion and contraction of the tree.

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