Mini Kagami-biraki set / White rabbit

SKU 0055A038

A mini kagami biraki set with a compact size that is the most attractive. With a diameter of about 18 cm and a height of about 17.5 cm, it is easy for women and children to carry, and it does not take up space even if there is no large table or a fine table. It weighs about 570g when empty and can be easily carried after adding alcohol or food. In addition, the mirror lid is connected to each part with a magnet, and the internal container for liquor can be removed and washed, so it is also attractive to change what you put in depending on the scene and use it repeatedly.
A white rabbit that is a symbol of marriage. It is recommended to use it at weddings and wedding gifts with the wish of good marriage maturity.

Place of origin Hyogo, Japan
Dimensions Approximately φ18 x H17.5 cm
Weight 750g
Capacity 720 ml
Material (Small / internal disk) Polyethylene
(Rope / inner cover) Polypropylene
(End plate) Plywood / magnet
(Cassotte / Mallet) Wooden
(Mizuhiki) Paper
(Lower fastener) Iron


◎ Set contents
Body x 1 / Red tub x 1 / Kagami board x 1 / Mini gavel x 1 / Mini cassotte x 1/5 shaku wooden basin x 2
・ Since the tub has a capacity of 1 L full of water and an appropriate amount of 720 ml, it can hold 4 go. (One bottle of sake in a four-go bottle)
・Because there is a donut-shaped white frame, it is hard to fall into the tub and it is easy to pop outside.


・ Alcohol is not included with this product.
・ If you want to add alcohol, add it just before use and do not leave it for a long time.
・The color may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the brightness of your monitor.


・ After use, remove the container from the main body, wash it with water, and dry it well before storing it.
・ The dishwasher cannot be used.
・ Do not leave the beverage in it for a long time. The taste and aroma may change.
・ Beverages and foods cannot be stored in this container.

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