Moth Washing Board / Small

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Washboard made of Japanese cypress (Hinoki) finished without painting. Actually it is excellent tool although someone may not be so familiar with washboard.
Washing with the washboard, you can remove dirt and soil firmly only with a little amount of soap or detergent as well as reduce damage to textures comparing to hand washing.
The washboard of WoodPecker is not too big but proper size so it can be recommended for quick washing of dirt lingering on your mind in collars and sleeves before putting them into washing machine.
You can be enjoyable and comfortable for washing thanks to fresh aroma of cypress come up gently.
The pretty design formed with gentle curve can make it be a fancy plaque as well. It is ecological living tool you can always use quickly placed within your arm length.

Large and small, those 2 sizes are available. The large sized one can fit to use washing in your bathroom or garden and the small sized one is proper to be used in lavatory.

Place of origin Gifu, Japan
Dimensions H220*W180*D20mm
Weight 520g
Material Moth wood

Wipe moisture out by dried dish cloth and dry it out completely. Store it in anywhere as much ventilation as possible.
If it is left wet and exposed direct sunshine, be careful for discolor, deformation and crack which may be caused.
Although specific resin of cypress may appear rarely, it is never problem but must be safe for the use.
(In that case, wipe it out by alcohol or wash it out with hot water before use) Tone and grain may be differed per one by one because natural wood is used, which is requested to be noted in advance.

*Depending on the shooting environment / display etc., it may differ slightly from the actual color.
*All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy the differeice of each product.

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