Rounded Handle Rice Paddle

SKU M0050001F

Easy to hold and scoop
Shape of rice scoop, which has not been realized but it should be.

By giving a bulge to the handle, the scoop which is very easy to hold has been realized.
In addition, by deforming the face part to be tilted, it is also featured to easily scoop rice.
This is the rice scoop to embody “I wish I can have” on your daily dining table.

Place of origin Hiroshima, Japan
Dimensions L200mm
Material Cherry Blossom

*Wash it out by water before you use it.
*Do not keep on leaving it in rice cooker for long time.
*Dry it out completely after you use it because it is made of natural wood.

*Depending on the shooting environment / display etc., it may differ slightly from the actual color.
*All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy the differeice of each product.

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