Sakura Cutting Board / Small

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WoodPecker’s products are unique in their forms as well. Cutting board made of rigid and robust wild cherry’s tree. The appearance may look antique somewhere to extent even the cut trace may look tasty.

Place of origin Gifu, Japan
Dimensions W345*D130*H23mm
Without Handle W245*D130mm
Material Sakura(Cherry Blossom)

・Finished with natural oil. If it may be being dried out, apply dry oil like linseed oil. If olive oil is applied, use it after applying it a little first and wiping it fully.
・Wipe moisture out by dish cloth. Wipe squeaky-clean entire the bottom, side and handle surely.
・Dry it out in somewhere as much ventilation realized as possible. If it is left wet and exposed direct sunshine, discolor, deformation and crack may be caused.

・Spot or trace leave is rooted (bud knot) is not damage or failure but it is proof natural trees are used as they are. Do not worry about it but be relief to use it.
・It may be varied along aging like injury, discolor and darkening. Regular maintenance is requested as a tool to be familiar with ordinary life for the use.
・Recut with plane is also accepted in the workshop.

*Depending on the shooting environment / display etc., it may differ slightly from the actual color.
*All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy the differeice of each product.

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