Submerged bottle

SKU 0032BG0014F84

Kimura Glass store is famous as a glass maker for business use such as restaurants and bars. Convenient to use when visiting, at a drinking table, or to keep it at the bedside. The submerged bottle, which covers the mouth of the jug with a cup that doubles as a lid, can be used in addition to mineral water. As it is a large water supply port, it can be washed cleanly at any time.

Dimensions Bottle: 47 x 146 (mm) / Glass: 71 x 65 (mm)
Material Glass
Capacity Bottle: 450cc / Glass: 200cc
Production area Tokyo

・ The appearance of colors may differ from the actual product depending on the viewing environment.
・ All products are handmade by craftsmen. Please enjoy the difference of each product.
・ No microwave oven, no dishwasher, no dish dryer.

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