Tatami Mattress ( Goza)

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This Tatami Mattress (Goza) has a much finer eye than Tatami or Tatami Mattress (Hana Goza), so it's softer per skin. Even if the temperature of the cooler is raised on a sleepy summer night, The Tatami Mattress (Goza) makes the roll-over comfortable and cool. Because eyes are fine, the mark like the tatami mat is hard to attach to the skin. You can lie down comfortably even if you use a sheet on tatami Mattress (Goza) if you like.

*Igusa (Rush grass) Features
1 Humidity control function
Igusa has the function of keeping the humidity of the room not to mention the insulation.In the room where it tends to dry by air conditioning and heating, the water releases moisture, and when humidity is higher, moisture is absorbed and balance is maintained.
2 Air cleaning action
There is also the property of adsorbing nitrogen dioxide, one of the causes of acid rain and asthma. The adsorption amount is about five to nine times higher when compared to materials such as shoji paper, bran paper, hair and cotton, as a result of statistics.It is also highly effective in adsorbing formaldehyde, which causes sick houses.
3 Aroma effect
The lush and unique aroma of the igu relaxes the person and soothes the mind. It is said that the smell of igu has a forest bathing effect, and the air cleaning effect of the igu is added, and it is thought that there is a relaxation effect.The refreshing green of the natural gesture softens visually, too.


♦Notes on the handling of Tatami Mattress(Goza) and Tatami Mattress (Hana Goza)
・Before you use it for the first time, please use it after wiping both sides with a well-squeezed towel.
・Because of the natural material, there are rare ly missing parts and parts where the igu is broken.
In addition, there is a possibility that the error such as some color and texture occurs in relation to the individual difference.
・Please refrain from long-term use in humid places because it leads to the development of ticks and mold.
・Please dry the sun every day before storing and usual care.
・When storing moisture because it is easy to absorb moisture, please put it in a nylon bag and store it.

Place of origin Okayama, Japan
Dimensions L74.8XW34.6 
Weight 1500g (1.5Kg)
Capacity -
Material Green grass(Igusa)

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