Wooden rice scoop / Natural wood(Chestnut)

SKU 0144O002

It is a Rice scoop that can be said to be a standard of Okubo House Woodworking House. The material is chestnut tree. Chestnut trees have excellent durability and water resistance, and are generally used as sleepers and building materials for railroad tracks, and are also popular as household materials. The wood is dense and hard, so it is easy to repel water and rice grains do not stick to it. In addition, its versatility is attractive because it can be used for crushing potatoes and lining. Chestnut trees contain a lot of ingredients called "tannins", so the color changes as you use them, so you can enjoy aging.
He does not use a file, but uses only the planes he ordered one by one. Therefore, there are no extra scratches on the surface and it is hard to be scratched.
After use, wash thoroughly and dry.

Place of origin Nagano,Japan
Dimensions L230xW62mm
Weight 32g
Material Natural wood(Chestnut)


・All products are handmade and made of natural materials, so the size and shape may differ slightly from those listed.
・There are also individual differences in grain and color. note that.
・Dishwasher ×

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