Wooden rice scoop / Natural wood(Chestnut)

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It is a spatula of a cherry tree that can be said to be a masterpiece of Okubo House Woodworking House. The bold curve, which looks like a boomerang, is calculated to hit the pot skin, and it is also characterized by the ease of returning the ingredients. It is very convenient for cooking when you want to cook evenly, such as when sautéing fish fillets or grilling meat.
And the spicy cut tip is made to be convenient for cutting minced meat etc. and blending seasonings such as soy sauce. The grip feels like it sticks to your hand, and you don't feel any stress on your fingers when you hold it.
Okubo House Woodworking Building is comfortable to use to satisfy the five senses of human beings that we cherish.
He does not use a file, but uses only the planes he ordered one by one to scrape to the end. Therefore, there are no scratches on the surface, and as a result, it is less likely to be scratched.
After use, wash it properly and dry it thoroughly.

Place of origin Nagano,Japan
Dimensions L30mm×W5.5mm
Weight 35g
Material Natural wood(Cherry blossoms)

・All products are handmade and made of natural materials, so the size and shape may differ slightly from those listed.
・There are also individual differences in grain and color. note that.
・Dishwasher ×

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